Erhart sawmill, Sonntag - new log sorting plant

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Key data

Erhart Adolf GmbH
Contract value
Construction time
April 2014 - July 2014

Sekretariat Hochbau
+43 5556 7181-587

The complex erected consists of a log sorting plant, a rail-mounted portal crane and the saw feeding system. With the help of the log sorting plant, the tree trunks delivered by truck are electronically measured, classified by the operator, scrutinised for metallic foreign bodies and sorted into 22 boxes.

The rail-mounted electric portal excavator manipulates the tree trunks from the sorting boxes into the lumber warehouse. The rails are 104 m long and the tracks 32 m wide. With the portal length of 50 m, the portal excavator attains a range of 72 m.

The portal excavator places the tree trunks onto the infeed of the saw feeder. There, the trunks are re-measured lengthways, debarked, and capped at the ends as they travel to the sawmill.


The system is built on a transport height of 7 m, and vehicles can pass beneath it.

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